Sunny Sunday

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                                                   *source: I forgot my phone in the locker 😦

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Cherry Blossoms!!!!

I must admit. I’m not very good at remembering to snap pictures. It’s something that I’m going to work on pinky swear! Today, a friend of mine took head shots of me downtown DC.  I won award and they need a picture for the booklet. I’m not a picture person. It’s just not my thannggg! But, I’m so grateful that I have a friend who takes pictures. Usually, it can cost a couple hundred of dollars for pictures. So, it was a blessing!!  It was an awesome experience.  It’s such a bonus living in the DC area where there are so many great historic backgrounds.  We were able to walk, take pictures, and talk.  When we made it downtown DC,  here is one of the backgrounds we used:


It’s a cherry blossom tree. Right now, it’s cherry blossom season. So downtown it is absolutely amazing!! This is the best time to come to DC or live in DC. There are cherry blossom trees everywhere.  I’m going to take my running outside this weekend and I’m going to definitely try to go by the water so I can see the trees!

I’m trying to learn how to make pita bread.  I’m really close to make it for other people to eat it.  But, I need to make the pitas thinner. But, the pitas puff out nicely. I need someone’s Grandma to show me how to roll them!!


Hope that you are having a great week! Is anybody working on any great recipes this week? Do you have a great spot to run for your long runs?

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Mind Over Matter

I hope that everyone is having a good week! I wish that I  could tell you that my runs  have been going good this week. But to be quite frank, they were wonk, wonk, horrible.  I did finish all my miles but it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t pretty at all. But, you know what? I am ok with it.  It wasn’t easy going through the runs. I really had to push my way through it. But, I didn’t give up.  I didn’t let life get in the way and make lemons. I made some kick-ass lemonade!!  Just wanted to let you guys no that!! 🙂 It’s short and sweet today.

As we go into Resurrection (Easter) weekend, may it be a time of reflection, repentance, and love. God died on the cross so that we can live and do lemonade runs!  Whoever your God is or belief or non-belief may your weekend be full of family , friends, laughter, and love.  🙂

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Lazy Sunday





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I Won! I Won!!!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is having an awesome day!! The weather is great here in DC. I’m going to meet a friend on the patio to catch up and enjoy life!

In my last post, I told you that I had some AWESOME news to tell you. I Won! I Won!!! I won a free registration for the 3rd annual Run for the Dream. The Wicked Healthy Washington had a free registration giveaway and she picked me!!!! Let me tell you, I was on cloud nine all last weekend.  Not only did I win the registration, but the proceeds support two great organizations.

The first organization is Achievable Dream.  “Achievable Dream is a nonprofit, year-round, extended day public school borne out of its founder’s belief that all children can learn and succeed regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds; and that education can break the cycle of poverty. In partnership with Newport News Public Schools, Achievable Dream strive to close the achievement gap that currently exists in American education to ensure our students become productive citizens contributing positively to society.”  Here is a video that talks about the organization. It  is a little lengthy but so worth watching.

For several years, I was a mentor, tutor, and volunteer. I know firsthand the success stories that organizations like Achievable Dreams have in communities. These organizations can literally change the trajectory of a child, a neighborhood, or a community. If you are interested to learn how you can help Achievable Dream or more about the organization click here. If you are interested in running the Run For the Dream race, you can click here. It’s not too late to sign up.

The second organization is Wounded Warriors. “The Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans is a program founded in 2004 for veterans disabled in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Warfighter Sports, a program of Disabled Sports USA, offers sports rehabilitation programs for severely wounded warriors in military hospitals and communities across the U.S. through a nationwide network of over 100 community-based chapters. Paralyzed Veterans Racing is a team of competitive para-cyclists. “2

I serve on the local Army Advisory Board for the DC metro area. Let me tell you, it has been the most rewarding experience I have up to date. The subject matter that we discuss on ways to help the veteran committee is pretty intense.  But to give back to these communities who have done so much for our country, it is so worth time, effort, and commitment.

The super bonus..wait for it… the race is in historic Wiliamsburg, Va.. The race begins on the campus of William & Mary and goes through the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg and ends at William and Mary’s Zable Stadium!  Does it get any better for my First Half Marathon!!!  Thank you again Wicked Healthy Washington for picking me. Also check out her blog and give her some bloglove here.  Her blog rocks!! Have a great weekend!!

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Women’s Month..Sometimes it’s the little things

WomensMonthIt’s been a crazy couple of days. I recieved some awesome news over the weekend!! I’m going to share that in a post later this week. I just wanted to say I’m still alive and training. But I just wanted to remind everyone that March is Women’s Month. I know that I couldn’t have made it this far without some awesome role models. Sometimes the little things, the small actions, and the smallest gestures can make a difference in someone life. So don’t forget to smile, laugh, and be kind.. 🙂

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Running, Music, and Friends

The theme this week was definitely catching up with old friends. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in work. I don’t really get a chance to hang out with friends. So, it was good change in pace.

Tuesday I meet some friends at the Kennedy Center for the daily free concert on the Millennium stage. It was a great concert.  Best part, It was FREEEEEE! If you live in the DC area, it is so worth checking out. You can check out the schedule here. Then we went to Circa in Foggy Bottom for a quick bite and to catch up. If you go to Circa, order the Wild mushroom flatbread. You will thank me later J

Since I went to the concert and dinner, I didn’t end up running until 11pm. But, I think the pizza made me run better. I have to try it again to make sureJ.

Wednesday, I meet some other friends to check out Boldero in Dupont Circle. It was there one year anniversary so they had happy hour all night long. I gave up drinking for Lent so it was a bummer having all that Sangria around and not having a chance to try it. My friends said it was very good. I’m definitely going back in April to try one or two or three (don’t judge me)

Today, I meet some friends at Oya to celebrate one of my friends recent engagement. I like Oya because it make me feel like a grown up. I’m so glad that I did my run before I met my friends because I am sleepy.

I’m so proud of myself that I put myself first and stayed committed to my running schedule. I didn’t make excuses to not run.  Gold star for me!!!

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