Tuesday Humor: I’m a runner

Happy Tuesday! I saw this on facebook and really laughed out loud!

I’m doing 5 miles today for my lunch break. I’m giving myself a “Go Team – Go” speech as I write this entry. It’s really blah blah weather wise here in DC today. I just want to sit on the couch and watch movies and catch up on my shows online. Does anyone watch The Following? I really like it. It’s a dark show like Criminal Mind ( My other fav show). Last night show was pretty gory. Anywhoot. Guess what happens when you need to go to grocery store? You make concoctions like this one:


It was actually pretty tasty. It was like chicken broccoli cheese rice casserole but with brussel sprouts. I’m still not a fan of brussel sprouts. But, the health benefits are worth the bitterness. Well, this is what I tell myself and i’m sticking to it. I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!

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