We Run DC

I’m back! I took a little a hiatus. After my  crappy 7 mile run last Saturday, I was a little uninspired to blog.  Actually, the run was good until the 5 mile.  The 6th and 7th mile was a stop and go fiesta! But, I did finished! Yay for me. So, I took a couple of days off.  Then, I rocked out 5 miles on Wednesday!  The running mojo is back.  One thing that I have to keep telling myself, every run is not going to be great. It’s ok! Just remember to lace your shoes back up and run like you stole something ( I really like that phrase 🙂 )


Nike has officially taken over DC! It’s pretty cool. I volunteered yesterday at packet registration pickup! I may be biased but I think runners are the coolest, nicest, and awesome people in the world. I met so many people who pick this race as their first Half Marathon. They had so much energy and excitement!!! LOVE IT!


It’s a mural at the Expotique (not pictured above) with all these great message supporting their Mothers, Daughters, sisters, and friends. Also, some really great messages to Boston.  It’s something really special about the running community. I’m really glad to call myself a runner!  So on that note, bring on those 8 miles Saturday! It’s on like popcorn!!! Happy Friday!!!

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