Cherry Blossoms!!!!

I must admit. I’m not very good at remembering to snap pictures. It’s something that I’m going to work on pinky swear! Today, a friend of mine took head shots of me downtown DC.  I won award and they need a picture for the booklet. I’m not a picture person. It’s just not my thannggg! But, I’m so grateful that I have a friend who takes pictures. Usually, it can cost a couple hundred of dollars for pictures. So, it was a blessing!!  It was an awesome experience.  It’s such a bonus living in the DC area where there are so many great historic backgrounds.  We were able to walk, take pictures, and talk.  When we made it downtown DC,  here is one of the backgrounds we used:


It’s a cherry blossom tree. Right now, it’s cherry blossom season. So downtown it is absolutely amazing!! This is the best time to come to DC or live in DC. There are cherry blossom trees everywhere.  I’m going to take my running outside this weekend and I’m going to definitely try to go by the water so I can see the trees!

I’m trying to learn how to make pita bread.  I’m really close to make it for other people to eat it.  But, I need to make the pitas thinner. But, the pitas puff out nicely. I need someone’s Grandma to show me how to roll them!!


Hope that you are having a great week! Is anybody working on any great recipes this week? Do you have a great spot to run for your long runs?

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