Running, Music, and Friends

The theme this week was definitely catching up with old friends. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in work. I don’t really get a chance to hang out with friends. So, it was good change in pace.

Tuesday I meet some friends at the Kennedy Center for the daily free concert on the Millennium stage. It was a great concert.  Best part, It was FREEEEEE! If you live in the DC area, it is so worth checking out. You can check out the schedule here. Then we went to Circa in Foggy Bottom for a quick bite and to catch up. If you go to Circa, order the Wild mushroom flatbread. You will thank me later J

Since I went to the concert and dinner, I didn’t end up running until 11pm. But, I think the pizza made me run better. I have to try it again to make sureJ.

Wednesday, I meet some other friends to check out Boldero in Dupont Circle. It was there one year anniversary so they had happy hour all night long. I gave up drinking for Lent so it was a bummer having all that Sangria around and not having a chance to try it. My friends said it was very good. I’m definitely going back in April to try one or two or three (don’t judge me)

Today, I meet some friends at Oya to celebrate one of my friends recent engagement. I like Oya because it make me feel like a grown up. I’m so glad that I did my run before I met my friends because I am sleepy.

I’m so proud of myself that I put myself first and stayed committed to my running schedule. I didn’t make excuses to not run.  Gold star for me!!!

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