So Friday’s run didn’t go so well. One, I waited to late to run ( 9pm yikes). Two, I was tired from running around all day. As soon as i stepped on the treadmill, I knew that this was not going to be good run. I ran for about a half mile and just stopped. But, I didn’t beat myself up. I stayed on the treadmill and did running drills for about an hour. I felt actually good onced I jumped off. Fast forward today, I jumped on the treadmill early ( but not first thing) and I knocked the 4 miles out!!! Yay me!! It was a big lesson for me. Sometimes it’s better to step back and let your body tell you what it wants to do.   Second, Don’t force it, you might cause an injury that will sideline you longer than you want. Third, find the time of the day where your performance is the best.

Do you have setbacks when your Training? How do you deal with them? What time of the day is best for you to run or workout?

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