Monday’s run went ok. But, I will tell you taking 3 months off was not a great idea. I finished the 3 miles. But, the last mile was a kicker! Instead of listenining to music ( yup, i’m one of those runners), I downloaded one of Ted’s podcast’s It’s a little lengthy but its worth watching. As, I told you in one of my previous post, I have my own business.

When she talks about believe in yourself,she was dead on. Everyday, you have to wake up and believe with every ounce of every thing that you have inside yourself. Everyday is not easy.  The rejection can be brutal. But, you have to keep going on. I think that is why I like running. If you set your mind to it and believe in yourself, you can do it. You can really accomplished it..even if it is only 3 miles! Hopefully, the winter storm bypass DC and I can take it outside tomorrow.  Send good vibes to the DC area!

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