Sunday around DC – Happy Mother’s Day

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Tuesday Humor: I’m a runner

Happy Tuesday! I saw this on facebook and really laughed out loud!

I’m doing 5 miles today for my lunch break. I’m giving myself a “Go Team – Go” speech as I write this entry. It’s really blah blah weather wise here in DC today. I just want to sit on the couch and watch movies and catch up on my shows online. Does anyone watch The Following? I really like it. It’s a dark show like Criminal Mind ( My other fav show). Last night show was pretty gory. Anywhoot. Guess what happens when you need to go to grocery store? You make concoctions like this one:


It was actually pretty tasty. It was like chicken broccoli cheese rice casserole but with brussel sprouts. I’m still not a fan of brussel sprouts. But, the health benefits are worth the bitterness. Well, this is what I tell myself and i’m sticking to it. I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!

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We Run DC

I’m back! I took a little a hiatus. After my  crappy 7 mile run last Saturday, I was a little uninspired to blog.  Actually, the run was good until the 5 mile.  The 6th and 7th mile was a stop and go fiesta! But, I did finished! Yay for me. So, I took a couple of days off.  Then, I rocked out 5 miles on Wednesday!  The running mojo is back.  One thing that I have to keep telling myself, every run is not going to be great. It’s ok! Just remember to lace your shoes back up and run like you stole something ( I really like that phrase 🙂 )


Nike has officially taken over DC! It’s pretty cool. I volunteered yesterday at packet registration pickup! I may be biased but I think runners are the coolest, nicest, and awesome people in the world. I met so many people who pick this race as their first Half Marathon. They had so much energy and excitement!!! LOVE IT!


It’s a mural at the Expotique (not pictured above) with all these great message supporting their Mothers, Daughters, sisters, and friends. Also, some really great messages to Boston.  It’s something really special about the running community. I’m really glad to call myself a runner!  So on that note, bring on those 8 miles Saturday! It’s on like popcorn!!! Happy Friday!!!

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Nike Women’s Marathon DC is looking for Volunteers


I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday!! I just wanted to pass along that the Inaugural Nike Women’s Marathon in DC is still looking for a boat load of volunteers. Here is the deets if you want to volunteer here.  Also, the Expotique – Washington Harbour is in GEORGETOWN. I was confused also 🙂 (don’t judge me)


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Boston Marathon: The Holy Grail


Sending well wishes, prayers, and indian dances to all those running the Boston Marathon tomorrow!!   I’m going to try to watch the beginning online. I need all the inspiration that i can get!!! I hope all of you had a great weekend!!! The weather was FANTASTIC in DC!!!!

Who’s watching the Boston Marathon live or online?

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If You Are What You Eat Then I’m in Big Trouble

Today, it’s 90 degrees in the DC area!! Spring has finally sprung!! Flip-flop season is here… well at least for the next few days!! I’m totally stoked to drop that coat like a bad habit.  It’s something about warm weather that makes the world just a little bit better. At least in my little cray-cray mind!

My half marathon training is going well <pat myself on the back>. I’m have been really enjoying my last couple of runs.  The past couple of weeks of have really noticed that the no booze from lent has really help my endurance for the long runs. I have been playing around with my diet also. I have been doing a lot of reading about what type of food fuel  short runs, long runs and how often to eat. 

One theme is that you should eat 3 to 4 hours to maintain steady blood sugar and muscle glycogen levels.  Glycogen, the stored form of the carbohydrate-derivative glucose, is an essential aspect of the ability of the body to generate fuel for both athletic and sedentary activities. The main storage are a for glycogen are within the liver and the skeletal muscles; approximately twice as much glycogen is stored in the muscles as is retained in the liver. (Real techie right 🙂 ) .  My takeaways

  1. Consume complex carbs before your run and simple carbs afterward
  2. the food you eat the night before fuels your muscles, the food you eat the day of your run fuels your brain, which helps your performance
  3. After a Run “The most important timed meal is the reloading meal, which happens within 30 minutes of finishing a workout, . You should aim for a 100- to 300-calorie snack that’s about 80% simple carbohydrates and 20% protein.

The perfect after run snack most of the articles suggest is chocolate milk. So how did I interpret it?


Chocolate milk and chocolate Ice cream are the same thing right?   Don’t judge me, I like living on the wild side! What is your favorite go to after run meal?

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